Friday, September 4, 2015

Yesterday after so may days I felt that I have some leisure time now and its time to surf some TV  channels. But suddenly my 1.8 year old came running to me with his demand of listening to songs. Surprisingly he knows the wording of all this latest songs "Saturday saturday" being his favourite. My elder daughter who's just 4 came running and said she wants to watch Dora. I left the tv remote to the kids and came out thinking that they will settle it themselves. Next thing that came to my mind was checking my email. As I opened the laptop, my little one again came running to me saying he wants to talk to Grandma. He thinks Laptop is medium of video communication with Nana nani. 

I was wondering that what would have happened if I had access to all these gadgets when I was of their age. Thank God I didn't ! I grew up in a small town, Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir. If we had to watch songs on tv we used to wait for Sunday morning show Rangoli, wait for sunday to watch mogli and duck tales. Playing badminton, hide and seek, bat ball, run and catch were the games I remember playing when I was a kid. How sad we would become if turns out to be a rainy day. No one would allow us to play in this weather. We had alternatives to this. Business, Ludo, carrom
 at someone's place with hot pakora's being served from Aunt or Mummy's kitchen.  There were some stone games like stapu what we used to play. Mummy always used to get angry because all our pockets were overflooded with those flat stones and our shoes used to torn from the front in a weeks time playing such games. Now whenever I take my kids downstairs, I never see anyone playing those games. Someone's returning from abacus class, someone from drawing class, some from dance class or judo class. I see only a few children who play in groups. 

We used to stay in close knit colony where everyone used to celebrate all festivals together. Caste, regional bias never used to divide people. Be it Holi, Diwali or dusshera exchanging sweets was a custom. One festival which we girls used to enjoy was Navratri, where girls were invited on Ashtami or Navmi and given some sweets and money. At the end of the day we used to count our earnings. Now I'm in Mumbai where no doubt all festivals are celebrated in great spirit but still that closeness among families is missing. Those were the days without mobiles phones, even few houses had landlines too. Sometimes people used to leave messages at the neighbours house. 
the place where my shool and and house was located amidst little mountains and behind there was a stream of water. 
This was the ideal holiday destiday every mumbaikar urges for. I was bsy recalling my golden old days when my little one disturbed me with his new demand of listening to Johny Jony on Tab. The joy given by nature is far more than the modern gadgets and television. Will our children ever get to know this?

Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm back!

Finally after 3 years I’m back to my blog. A lot of things have changed in these 3 years. I'm in in a new place now,
working in a new organization and have a new family around me. Its not that I never thought to get back to my blog in all these years but I was really busy all the time. Not a good excuse I know :)
Major happenings of the last 3 years – I got married, worked a lot, traveled a lot, and moved from Bangalore to Mumbai. Mumbai – the city is known for its tall buildings, busy people, crowded local trains. In no time I have become a part of all this. I won’t say I love this city I must say I have started liking it. I like the spirit of the Mumbaikars. They celebrate each festival with all zeal and gusto. Be it Ganesh chaurthi, be it Janmashtmi or be it navratris or Diwali. Since I’ve never been so close to sea, though here also I rarely get chance to go for beach walks but still I don’t have to go to another city for watching the sea. I love watching the sea – waves. Would update you more about this city as I explore more about it!
Life has changed in a beautiful way. Although I do miss the old times with no responsibilities, just troubling parents and friends all the time, yet it’s good learning experience to be responsible at times.

Friday, October 19, 2007 it everything in the world? Can it buy you all the happiness you need?
After a long time, some thought is provoking me so much that I had to come back to my blog. I see so many people around me going mad after money, spoiling their health, spending sleepless nights with all work tension, having almost no time for their family..All this, just to live a luxurious life - to give mobile phone to their children even if they don’t need it, to busy a new car even if they have two which are running good enough, to buy a home theater even you have good enough big flat screen TV at home. I don’t say, we shouldn’t have passion to fulfill such dreams. But I do feel that we should not spend half our life thinking how to acquire money and then acquiring money just to fulfill our dreams which are not ‘needs’ just luxuries! I have a question in my mind, 10 years down the line what would you like to give back to your children a decent life and your time or only a luxurious life? If I were to choose between the two, I would have chosen the first one. Because I think there’s no end to human desires and happiness resides in a contented mind. Some one has rightly said (I don’t know who!)

मेरे दिल के किसी कोने मे एक मासूम सा बच्चा
बडों की देख कर दुनिया, बडा होने से डरता है!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

2 Years!

Time passes so quickly. I can't believe I'll complete exactly 2 yrs in my first job tomorrow. I still remember the day we landed in this company. It seemed to be no different from college - 1) so many classes and tests 2) I had the same circle of friends. Training period got over and then a world of responsibilities began - staying on your own, paying the rent, paying the bills, cooking food, getting up early to catch the bus -no scope of bunking classes, work - tension! I learnt how much responsible you are for every word you write or speak here and how much commitment is expected from you at workplace. I still remember I couldn't attend my convocation because I had to give a presentation at office that day. My PM made me cancel my tickets at the last moment! Now when I turn back I smile at those moments.
Well the work and the environment hasn't changed much since 2005. The people do keep on changing.
Had both sweet and sour experiences. But I must say my first job has given me more than what I ever expected as I could find my better half here ;-)
My good wishes and congratulations to all those who started their career with me!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy friendship day!

One more friendship day gone! I remember two years back when I was in college, we had some kind of excitement in us. We used to send e-cards, wake up till 12 to wish each other...Things don't seem to be the same any more. This time also I wished all my friends, they wished me back, but I don't know why I felt that enthusiasm was gone! It made me scribble some lines and and I'm posting them:
हमें याद आता है
हर वो नज़ारा
था दुनिया में हमको सबसे जो प्यारा
वो यारों कि बातों में रातें बिताना
कुछ हसीं सपनों को दिल में सजाना
उनके कन्धों में सर रख के रोना
वो हर अपने दुःख को हसी में उड़ाना
वो lectures में उनकी proxy लगाना
वो majors के time पे movies दिखाना
अजी हमने माना
वो नही थी हक़ीकत
थी इक कहानी, था इक फ़साना
क्यों आज हमको वो हर दोस्त अपना
यूं लगने लगा है पराया पराया
बदली हूँ मैं, या बदला ज़माना ?
है मौसम अभी भी सुहाना सुहाना
फिर भी हमें याद आता है
हर वो नज़ारा
जो था कभी, हमें सबसे प्यारा!

Friday, July 6, 2007

What makes you happy!

Life is a never ending circle of complaints. Your very own people will complain for every other action you do. There can never be a situation when you can make everyone happy. If there is something which makes you happy there must be someone who’s getting hurt because of this. And I feel if you will try to make everyone happy you will surely make yourself unhappy.
True are those lines of a song ....
“कहॉ किसी के लिए है मुमकिन
सबके लिए इक सा होना
थोडा सा दिल मेरा बुरा है
थोडा भला है सीने में "
The moral of the story is do what your heart says and don’t try to make everyone happy because this is a hypothetical situation which can never happen. Do only what makes YOU happy!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wrong Choices!

Has it ever ever happened to you that you give chances to the same set of people to prove to be good friends and in return they keep on doing things to hurt you the possible extent?? I wonder how a person can't be a loyal friend if you are so good to him. You help them in any possible way, forgive them hundreds of times, they can't leave the habit of breaking trust! A friend of mine has rightly described such people as Gnawing rats!(
I don't mind if they don't let me know what's happening in their life but I do mind if they are letting the world know some wrong things about me.
Anyway its life! And we must learn to choose friends very carefully and I think I'm still in the process of learning that.
Thank God! I still have a bunch of friends who have never proved and will never prove to be wrong choices :-)